Black Paracord Sleeved Extensions


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Ensourced extensions are some of the highest quality, hand crafted paracord sleeved extensions available.  Don't just take my word for it though, read the reviews left by others who already have them.

Each extension is made using highly flexible, high quality 16 gauge wire.

Each extension is made curved, aka"Rainbowed", to your needs for a cleaner look.

Each extension includes one Wire Wrap in your choice of color installed for every 10cm in length (30cm=3 Wire Wraps).

***Please allow 8 full days for extension cables to be crafted.***
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11 Reviews

CMC 6th Jun 2019

Quality fabrication

Really well made, appears as it should and feels (and looks) even higher quality than I expected.

I should have ordered 30cm over 20cm, as it sits tighter than I would like, but this is my fault not the cable's. Despite this, it still looks great, it only looks tight to me because I know.

Just a reminder: measure well, and err on the side of longer.

e.c 10th Dec 2018

Amazing cables, but...

The quality of the extensions themselves far exceed what is available on the market, however the cable combs on my 24 pin extension have all broken, rendering the cable almost useless.

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